December 24, 2018

Okuma Technology Days exceeded all expectations

Okuma, opened the doors for the Okuma Technology Days. During the three-day event, visitors could experience multiple hardware, software and industry 4.0 solutions.

Okuma presented solutions for the entire manufacturing process. © Okuma

High-end manufacturing solutions and successful sales at the headquarters

With 320 visitors coming from 20 countries, the Okuma Technology Days at Okuma Europe’s headquarters in Krefeld, Germany, were a full success. The three-day event provided a comprehensive overview of the latest Okuma solutions that take machining capabilities to the next level. The advanced technologies for process-intensive applications, improved productivity or measuring and compensation are specifically designed to enable the most accurate, complete and productive machining processes.

Successful sales

The technologies on display received very positive feedback. During the event, Okuma could close a sale of two machine tools with ITA Nordic. In the future, the Finnish manufacturer will use the multitasking machine MULTUS B550 C3000 and the one-saddle lathe LB4000 MY1500 to produce high-quality components. ITA Nordic’s clients come from various demanding sectors like mining, marine, forestry or energy.

Finnish manufacturer ITA Nordic and Okuma Europe closed a sale of two machine tools during the event. © Okuma

Large portfolio on display

During the demonstrations, visitors experienced 5-axis machining centres like the MU-10000H, multitasking machines like the MULTUS U5000 and multitasking machines with additive manufacturing capabilities and heat treatment like the MU-6300V LASER EX. The event offered high-level demonstrations and time for individual discussions with the Okuma experts. Guided tours were covering all showroom highlights and the Customer Support Centre.

Efficient production

For increased productivity, Okuma presented solutions for every machine type. The Premium Solution B-axis Turning for example allows for a fast and precise turning process of curved surfaces. By changing the angle of the B-axis, the application always positions the tool ideally. As a result, curved surfaces can be turned without tool changes saving time and eliminating ridges.

Easy accuracy

To show how to achieve high dimensional accuracy without compromises in terms of productivity, Okuma presented the Intelligent Technology application 5-Axis Auto Tuning System. By simply placing a datum sphere on the table and positioning a touch probe directly above it, operators can easily start the calibration process. The then following process is fast and runs fully automated. It does not require the attendance of a skilled operator, thus saving time and money while helping to maintain a high manufacturing quality.

Predictive maintenance

Okuma’s smart factory solution Connect Plan proved a highlight at the event. The application was used to connect the machines in the showroom to simulate an IoT-based production plant. The system enables visualisation of the entire factory, real-time data processing as well as predictive maintenance and analysis, based on which the production can be improved on a daily basis.

The following machine tools are on permanent display in the Okuma showroom in Krefeld, Germany: MU-10000H, MU-4000V-L, MU-6300V-L LASER EX, MULTUS U5000 1SC2000 LASER EX, MULTUS B250, MU-S600V, MULTUS U4000 2SW 1500, GENOS M460V-5AX.


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