March 8, 2018

Official release of SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2018 took place at TCT Asia

TCT Asia 2018 is the leading exhibition of 3D printing and scanning in Asia region. Trustworthy Beijing – as an Asian partner of SMARTTECH – presented, for the first time in Asia, the latest version of 3D data editing software – SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2018.

SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2018 is a milestone in the development of SMARTTECH 3D scanning software. The new function of curvature alignment allows not only to perform 3D scanning without positioning markers or a rotary stage but also to easily acquire cloud points of large object. In addition, the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure v. 2018 allows users to create a triangle mesh with just one click, simplifying the measurement results processing to an absolute minimum.

New analysis and control modules significantly extend the SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software capabilities. Through advanced measurement functions it allows to measure the distance between points, calculate the surface area and make a cross-section or compare flatness patterns without the use of external software. For a full list of functionalities, please visit


More information:

The official Smarttech’s page.

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