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Here is the Kagome.nod file.


This node is similar to the HexFlatGridDemo.nod, with some different increments and different offsets.
Less that 2 rows does not work properly, due to the trick recovery of du for an integer array index for “v” resulting in division by zero, when rows = 1.
Note that the trick formula for recovering the array of “u” values should have +Umin added, and the integer array formula should be
(u-Umin)/du. (Correspondingly for dv and Vmin in the Kagome.nod, for row offset.) The formula in the HexFlatGridDemo ommited the Umin, as Umin=0 in that case.
(Similarly the HexFlatGridDemo does not work for less than 2 columns.)
(The triangles have not been done.)

It would be helpful to have an i integer array variable available for “u” values, and a j integer array variable for “v” values, in the mathPts array, and points array.
But this might be too complicated? And some abcd multiple array values?

– Brian

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