March 12, 2018

New Metal 3D Printing Tools for Any CNC machine

3D-Hybrid announces new revolutionary tools that will simplify metal additive manufacturing (AM) as printing tools for existing CNC (metal-cutting) machines. The tools lower the cost of metal AM, increase speed, and offer new capabilities like multi-material parts. What makes 3D-Hybrid so attractive is that its Arc tool will start at only $50,000. Make more money with your existing machines today!

Our commitment to solving complex manufacturing problems with advanced AM methods has led us to revolutionize and integrate AM technologies to any CNC machine” – Mr. Hranka, Founder of 3D-Hybrid.

Different tools for different jobs

Just like using different cutting tools for different metals, 3D-Hybrid offers different printing tools for different applications. Through 3D-Hybrid’s experience on polymetallic alloy AM for pioneering aerospace and research applications, it has diversified its portfolio with directed energy methods based on Electrical, Optical, and Kinetic energy. The three technologies are emerging to be known as Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing, Laser Metal Deposition, and Cold Spray. Each technology offers different characteristics, and 3D-Hybrid will guide you in finding the most cost-effective solution for your application. The attached video demonstrates 3D-Hybrid’s Wire-Arc Tool, which utilizes dip-transfer technology and proprietary methods for hybrid manufacturing. The special Arc Tool offers the most economical AM approach and a more effective option to alloys that are reflective to laser wavelengths. The Laser Tool enables a wide variety of feedstock options from wire to blending powder materials for gradient and custom alloy generation. Lastly, the Cold Spray Tool is the most ideal solution for additive manufacturing of alloys with high thermal conductivity.


More information:

The official 3D-Hybrid page.

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