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Nesting Guide | Vectric V11 Tutorials

This tutorial walks you through how to use the nesting feature of the software to maximize usage of your material.

~ Nesting Basics 00:48
~ Allow Parts Inside Other Parts 08:34
~ Mirror Parts to Find Best Fit 15:53
~ Rotate Parts to Find Best Fit 17:12
~ Nest Boundary 20:24
~ Two Sided Nesting 28:45
~ Nesting Across Sheets 31:22
~ Filler Parts 43:50

To download the files used in this tutorial, view related videos or take advantage of our bookmarking system within the videos please head over to the support section of our website here: https://www.vectric.com/support/tutorials/aspire?category=general-topics&video=nesting-guide

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