July 20, 2018

Missler Software and CIRTES were the European Forum of Additives Production (AEFA) on 19-20-21 June, 2018.

Missler Software, publisher of TopSolid software, had represented by its CEO Christian Arber and by Patrice Tiberi, Director of Missler Services, and CIRTES, in the person of Claude Barlier, had presented the first results of the C-Fast project at 4:30 pm on 19 June.

The purpose of the C-FAST project (“Design for Additive Manufacturing by Stratoconception® inTopSolid®“), initiated by the CAD/CAM publisher, MISSLER SOFTWARE, in conjunction with CIRTES, the Research and Technology Organization for Additive Manufacturing R&D, is to develop a unified and continuous digital chain of design and additive manufacturing based on the Stratoconception® patented process, entirely robotized and integrated in TopSolid®.
The goal of this chain is to enable the manufacturing of personalized, functionalized, large-dimension products, in multiple materials.

In France, C-FAST was chosen in 2017 in the framework of the PIAVE “Industry of the Future” request for projects, managed by the General Commissariat for Investment (CGI) and operated by Bpifrance.

The two C-FAST partners had presented a first version of the TopSolid’Strato software: the first continuous, integrated and associative digital chain for the design and simultaneous manufacturing of parts by Additive Manufacturing, seamlessly and with the possibility of rollback and revision of the initial digital model: elimination of the STL format and direct working in native mode.

The presentation had showcased interactively two applications: one for the design-manufacturing of a chair, and the other for permanent rapid tooling for the sand-casting of large parts.

This first version of the software had published in the past weeks.

The team had also presented the first results of the automatic integration of entirely robotized Additive Manufacturing by Stratoconception on new workstations dedicated to the manufacturing of large and very large parts, mockups, tools and direct parts in multi-materials (wood, resin, plastic and foam).


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