October 28, 2019

Milling 304 Stainless with a Carbide End Mill | Speeds and Feeds Tool Test

Milling 304 Stainless Steel can stink if you aren't sure where to start. Even if you can, are you getting the most out of your end mills?

In this video, we cover how to find a speeds and feeds starting point and how to tweak the recipe to achieve your specific goals., whether it be maximizing tool life, process reliability, better surface finishes, OR higher material removal rates.

We'll use two different machines, the Tormach 770 and the Tormach 1100M. PLUS, we'll explore the impacts of coolant methods (fogbuster vs. flood) and other ways to push your tools further.

Links for this video:

Better Speeds & Feeds? https://provencut.com

Shop Microscopes | http://bit.ly/2LParmv

Helical & Harvey Tool Library Download

Helical 3 Flute, Corner Radius - Variable Pitch

Speeds and Feeds Basics on NYC CNC

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