April 7, 2019

Microthemer & Elementor

Microthemer & Elementor – New Deep Integration

We’re excited to announce a long anticipated feature – Microthemer and Elementor can now be used at the same time, from a single browser tab. Simply enable Elementor inside Microthemer by flipping the Elementor switch in Microthemer’s View menu. This switch will only be present if Elementor is installed and activated of course.
Microthemer gives Elementor users additional styling options, more freedom when designing responsively, and more granular control over which elements can be styled. These 3 benefits are demonstrated in the following video, along with some general tips on working with Microthemer.
Using Microthemer in combination with Elementor (15 mins)
In the video:

  • How to style subsections of an Elementor module that aren’t editable via Elementor
  • How to style multiple Elementor modules in one go
  • How to animate parts of an Elementor module with inView or inView once.
  • How Microthemer syncs up with and extends Elementor’s responsive features
  • Microthemer’s editor for hand-coding CSS and SASS code
  • How Microthemer works – writing styles to a single external stylesheet without modifying theme or builder files
  • Applying global vs page-specific styles
  • Best practice – keeping selectors organised
  • Keeping your Microthemer edits even after completely uninstalling Microthemer

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