November 14, 2018

Mazak was paired OPTIPLEX with automation at EuroBLECH 2018

Yamazaki Mazak was paired two of its highly popular OPTIPLEX machines with state-of-the-art automation technology at EuroBLECH 2018.

Mazak’s SMART MANUFACTURING CELL automation system has been specifically developed to complement its portfolio of laser machines. It will be fitted to an 8kW OPTIPLEX Fiber III laser processing machine at EuroBLECH 2018.

On the Mazak stand will be 8kW and 10kW versions of the OPTIPLEX Fiber III machines, the high-productivity and high-performance laser cutting machines, along with a 6kW OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber.

Both the 8kW Fiber III machine and the NEXUS 3015 Fiber are twinned with a separate Industry 4.0 ready automation solution. The 8kW OPTIPLEX is paired with a Mazak SMART MANUFACTURING CELL automation system, specifically developed to complement the laser machines in the Mazak range.

The SMART MANUFACTURING CELL has a compact footprint and layout, making it ideal for even the smallest machine shop, but can be easily expanded via an open interface, if required. In addition, the cell has automatic part separation detection and dynamic kinetics to calculate the weight of the sheet metal in order to optimise the speed of the machine.

The cell has an ergonomic design for easy user access and operation, and can be simply programmed offline.

The SMART MANUFACTURING CELL also has an option for a robot solution if required and provides detailed reporting of production status and operation.

Alongside on the Mazak stand will be a 6kW version of the OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber machine featuring the CST automation system. The system consists of a single tower mounted alongside the laser bench, which contains the raw material drawers and semi-finished product. The automation uses suction cups and forks to load and unload workpieces and can be equipped with up to 13 different drawers with a maximum load capacity of 3,000kg per drawer.

The NEXUS 3015 Fiber offers high productivity with stainless steel and aluminium. Nitrogen cutting is also possible with thicker mild steel.

The machine is equipped with a number of intelligent features including Beam Diameter Control, which provides stable cutting from thin to thick, optimised cutting Intelligent Monitoring Functions and reduced set-up times with Intelligent Set-up Functions.
Both the OPTIPLEX Fiber III machines on the Mazak stand are equipped with MAZATROL PreviewG, the laser version of Mazak’s SMOOTH Technology, the world’s fastest CNC; while the OPTIPLEX NEXUS 3015 Fiber feature’s Mazak’s state-of-the-art MAZATROL Preview 3.

Source:Yamazaki Mazak

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