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Longmill MK2 CNC Router Review [Best Value for the Money] (made by Sienci Labs)

This video is a review of the Longmill MK2 CNC router made by Sienci Labs. The video covers all aspects of the MK2 CNC router… how it’s built, the drive system, the Longmill assembly, the working (or cutting area) and much more about the CNC Machine.

We will also cover the gSender control software as well as the touch probe for setting your CNC router bits, and the laser attachment for your Longmill CNC router.

The Longmill MK2 is an excellent entry-level CNC router that makes CNC projects adequately. Many CNC creators have used the machines for years in a home CNC business.

Not mentioned in this video is the dust boot. This is needed to control sawdust and is available from Longmill. See below for a video walk-thru when you order yours. It is discussed there.

Ordering your Longmill MK2
***Thank you for using this special link when ordering your Longmill MK2***

●To know exactly how to order your MK2, watch this video. It will walk you thru the ordering process → https://youtu.be/wyO2evJwK_Y

The document download will be available soon

Are there duty fees or tariffs when shipping to the USA? No
For shipping, contact Longmill → https://bit.ly/3C3gJM9
The Longmill can be mounted and operated vertically
Ball screws require routine maintenance because sawdust will get inside the ball-bearing housing. Without routine maintenance, the ball screw will start to bind. You can have issues with the machine and not realize the ball screw is the problem.
Lead screws are exposed and easy to maintain. They also are far less expensive to replace if necessary.
Lead screws offer 0.001" tolerances which are more than enough for woodworking.
Longmill MK2 Footprint
12×30 → 22dx44w" (table size should be 30d x 60w)
30×30 → 44dx44w" (table size should be 48d x 60w)
48×30→ 44dx56w" (table size should be 48d x 72w)
Table Build
●Watch this video to see how I built my table → https://youtu.be/3bP7EBZbafc
The Longmill CAN be mounted vertically for space saving
The Longmill MK2 48×30 & 12×30 has the exact same design as the 30×30
Longmill MK1 30×30 Extension Kit to convert to 48×30 → https://bit.ly/3JTPNAX
●Laser add-on for the Longmill (works on MK1 & 2) → https://bit.ly/3H1TNfn
Gsender Control Software (FREE) → https://bit.ly/3y6rnwg
Touch Probe
●Auto-zero Touch Probe (recommended) → https://bit.ly/3ktgiBi
●Standard Touch Probe → https://bit.ly/36tsMFq
Longmill Spoilboard
●Longmill spoilboard designs available from IDC Woodcraft → https://etsy.me/3oxX79l
Complete CNC Router Bit Starter Set
●12-pc carbide CNC router bit set (w/ free vector files) https://bit.ly/3d1iQnF
●All about CNC router bits → https://youtu.be/wdQ-_hllmKY
●Join CNC ENTREPRENEURS Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cncentrepreneurs
CNC Insiders Email List (discounts, tips, free files and more)
Othe MUST HAVE For CNC Routers
●Calipers: https://amzn.to/338MAt3
●Hearing protection (plugs don’t work): https://amzn.to/2Hs1RgW
Recommended Design Software
→ Vcarve Pro (RECOMMENDED)→ https://bit.ly/3d4WrEU
→ Vcarve Desktop → https://bit.ly/3D4CwjH
→ Vectric Aspire → https://shrsl.com/37pw9
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CNC FOR BEGINNERS: https://bit.ly/3rg4WTl
CNC ENTREPRENEURS: https://bit.ly/3mxz6Ok
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