May 15, 2020

Live Q&A with Todd | The VPucket Game | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

As you know we love games here at Vectric and in an attempt to keep you busy while in lockdown or social distancing yourself in the shop, this game will be fun to make and play. While having a peek on our Pinterest board I noticed a game called "Pucket" and thought it might be an interesting project to make on a CNC. I was lucky enough to find a site that had some measurements for me to start from but this game was made with traditional woodworking tools.

This was a great start but it took a bit of thinking to take a project they created, make it work on a CNC and also add in a few twists/upgrades. During this live event, we will take you through the process of creating all the files you need. We will truly make it our own by making it easy to swap out the centre to create an even more challenging game and adding v-carving for a bit of fun.

The free project files will be available from your V&Co account for free so you can see exactly what we have done. Don't forget if you make your own, be sure to post it where we can see it on our social channels.

We hope you enjoy this project, have fun, keeping making, and most importantly, be safe!


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