April 18, 2018

Lightweight chuck enables minimum acceleration and braking times

The SCHUNK ROTA NCE lightweight chuck ensures high dynamics during the turning process. For the first time ever, it has been possible to combine a lightweight design, maximum bearing load capacity, and a large chuck bore in a single lathe chuck.

The wedge hook power chuck from SCHUNK, the competence leader in gripping systems and clamping technology, convinces with an impressive high bearing load capacity and minimum weight. Compared to conventional lathe chucks, the inertia has been reduced by up to 40% depending on the size. In doing so, the SCHUNK ROTA NCE provides the ideal requirements for a high process dynamics and productivity with minimum energy consumption. Above all in mass production, the efficient energy and cycle times of the lathe chuck promises significant savings. In comparison with conventional chucks of the same size, the ROTA NCE can be accelerated to the maximum speed and then decelerated roughly 20% faster due to its reduced weight.

Economical and durable at the same time

The SCHUNK ROTA NCE lightweight chuck sets a new benchmark for lathe chucks. The specialists at the SCHUNK competence center for lathe chuck technology and stationary workholding have invested around 700 hours of computing time in the finite element method in Mengen, Germany, with the aim of adjusting the geometry of the lathe chuck to the distribution of forces in order to ensure maximum rigidity, concentricity- and run-out accuracy despite the lightweight geometry. An arched structure underneath the jaw guidance, circular recesses between the guideways and a conical chuck contour enable significant weight savings, without the rigidity being significantly reduced. Instead, the forces are diverted directly into the spindle mounting.

SCHUNK ROTA NCE is designed for CNC lathes with short-stroke cylinders and is fully compatible with conventional lathe chucks from Asian manufacturers. The lightweight lathe chuck is available in five sizes with diameters of 130 mm, 165 mm, 210 mm, 260 mm, and 315 mm, as well as clamping forces of 45 kN, 65 kN, 100 kN, 130 kN, and 155 kN. With a bore diameter from 38 mm to 106 mm and a jaw stroke of 3.2 mm to 5.8 mm, it is suitable for machining all conventional bar diameters. A modular center sleeve system allows for a wide variety of application scenarios. The maximum speed amounts to 3,500 to 8,000 rpm depending on the size.


More information:

On SCHUNK’s official website.

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