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Laser Family Tree | Laser Etched CNC Project | In The Labs with Vectric | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

Put the spark back into your personalized projects and find out how to use our Laser Module add-on within VCarve or Aspire to create this nostalgic Laser Family Tree on your CNC!

Todd will show you how easy it is to take advantage of the same drawing, machining and layout tools you already use to create your own family tree using CNC machining and hybrid laser etching. Simply create your project, choose which parts you want to cut on your CNC and your laser, then view all elements of the finished hybrid project in one simulation.

Find out how Todd carves the trunk, tree tops, ribbon and tags using molding, pocket and 3D toolpaths, using the hybrid laser tools to engrave individual faces and etch a title to the 3D ribbon’s curved surface. As a bonus, the 3D ribbon is included as a FREE piece of clipart that you can use in other projects! If you don’t have a laser attachment or the Laser Module, this project can easily be modified for vcarving or photo vcarving!

Tune in Wednesday 19th July at 3pm BST to see how it turned out!

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