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Laser Etched CNC Project | Vectric FREE CNC Projects #shorts

Put the spark back into your personalized projects by using our Laser Module add-on within VCarve or Aspire to create this nostalgic Laser Family Tree on your CNC!

Todd shows you how easy it is to take advantage of the same drawing, machining and layout tools you already use to create your own family tree using CNC machining and hybrid laser etching; all within one package. Simply create your project, design which parts you want to cut on your CNC and your laser, then view the elements of the finished hybrid project in the 3D simulation.

Watch how Todd 3D carves the pine and walnut tree parts, ribbon and tag templates using VCarve moulding, pocket and 3D toolpaths. He then uses the Laser Module to add pictures and text, using the laser picture toolpath strategy to take bitmap images of the family and creates the tooling so the laser can etch them on to the tags. Then he uses the laser cut and fill tool to engrave individual names of his loved ones onto the tags. To really show off the power of the hybrid CNC, he laser etches a message on the curved surface of the ribbon. This can only be achieved because the software makes use of the “Z” travel of the CNC to keep the laser focused on the curved surface! He then finishes off by assembling all the wood layers together to create this unique free-standing gift.

Why not test the hybrid laser etching and add your family coat of arms to a flat surface or engrave a family quote or message onto a 3D model or shape like the ribbon model included FREE with this project! The combination of Vectric software and the Laser Module is a real winner as you can see how quickly and precisely you can make personalized projects for your shop, or create nostalgic anniversary or birthday gifts for your family in no time at all.

Happy Making!

Click here to download the files: https://www.vectric.com/vectric-community/free-projects/in-the-labs/LaserFamilyTree

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