April 29, 2020

Laser Cutting a Tensegrity Structure

Laser cutters are cool, but they have some unique design constraints. In this video we'll laser cut a neat object known as a Tensegrity structure and I'll walk you through the whole design process!

The Action Lab's Video - https://youtu.be/76amOgNzdDQ
Flux Beambox Pro Laser Cutter - https://www.fluxlasers.com/products/beambox-pro/
DXF for Laser Fusion 360 Plugin - https://apps.autodesk.com/FUSION/en/Detail/Index?id=7634902334100976871

2:32 Material Thickness Parameter
5:09 Adjusting for Laser Kerf
9:13 Relieving Stress Risers + Tapping Tips
11:14 Choosing correct units
12:26 Nesting
13:31 Cutting Process in Beam Studio on Flux Beambox Pro
16:28 Assembly

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