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March 1, 2018

ITI announces expansion of its German operation

Rene Bosiacki appearing at an Advanced Engineering event.

International TechneGroup Incorporated (ITI) is proud to announce that their UK operation, International TechneGroup Ltd., has expanded its organization at their offices in Landshut, Germany (Munich).

ITI is enjoying an increase in demand for CAD consolidation projects as part of PLM system migrations with major companies throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the DACH region). Customers are working with ITI to deploy the Proficiency solution to successfully migrate intelligent, fully-featured CAD models between the major CAD systems. This ensures the retention of their investment in legacy design data and provides instantly reusable models in their new design system.

As Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) initiatives continue to expand across Europe, the need for 3D CAD model validation throughout the product lifecycle is rapidly becoming a mission critical issue for engineering enterprises. MBE model stability and robustness, as well as the validation of derivative 3D models converted for delivery to customers and manufacturing partners or exported for long term archival solutions (LOTAR), are all vital aspects to address. Here, ITI is increasingly helping customers validate their CAD data with the proven CADIQ solution.

Expanding the German operation is a natural response to this increasing demand for ITI’s advanced interoperability solutions across the DACH region, and to the greater demand for commercial and technical resources across Europe in general. As the first step in an ambitious growth plan, Mr. Rene Bosiacki has been promoted to be Account Manager for ITI’s German branch office. Previously Mr. Bosiacki supported marketing and business development initiatives across Europe as part of ITI’s UK operation. ITI will continue to add technical and sales resources to support their valued customers throughout Europe.

This expansion is also important to address the significant interest and adoption of the CADfix solution. CADfix enables customers to convert and simplify large MCAD models as they are shared across diverse CAD, CAM, and CAE applications, and as they are integrated with plant and process design systems.

Andy Chinn, Managing Director of ITI’s European business commented, “Having had a presence in Europe for many years, the expansion of our German operation and Rene’s promotion forms a vital part of our strategic plans. It will enable our dedicated team to provide greater attention to our European customers as we support the successful roll-out of CADfix, CADIQ and Proficiency solution implementations and, of course, solidify our presence in the DACH market.”

“I look forward to helping even more customers solve the challenges they face as they evolve to meet constantly changing manufacturing design data needs. The prospects for business growth opportunities ahead are very positive,” added Cecil Lewis, Manager of European Business Development for International TechneGroup Ltd.


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