May 15, 2019

In the Labs with Todd | Making a Coin Bank | Vectric

If you’re like me, you don’t really like to carry around a pocket full of coins and end up having small piles of loose change all over the place. Sure, this project was inspired by a problem I have but it grew quickly into a beautiful object that could be used to save for all kinds of things. An upcoming wedding, well deserved vacation, collage fund or just hold coins for the grandkids to use on their next visit. You could add a bit of v-carving to the top or even a 3D decorative element from Design&Make.

Download the FREE project here:

BONUS: We have also included in a bonus file that can be used to make a smaller version of the top. It fits perfectly into the top of a glass candle holder (3.5” mouth).

Intro - 0:10
Software - 0:29
Machining - 24:54
Testing fit & file adjustment - 27:06
Sanding & finishing - 29:14
Outro - 30:13

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