March 8, 2021

I massively improved a terrible 3D Printer - Tronxy D01 Phoenix Edition ft. E3D Hemera

I strapped an E3D Hemera to the Tronxy D01 to make it one of my best 3D Printers, and in this video I'll detail the upgrade process, what to expect and alternatives to the Hemera should you want to try it yourself.

E3D Hemera -
D01 Configuration, upgrade parts and PrusaSlicer profile -
Permanoob's Fan Shroud / Cooling Duct -
Dice Towers Kickstarter
Polyalchemy FX -
Polymaker TPU95-HF

Original Tronxy D01 Review -
The 3D Print General BIQU H2 Extruder Review -

0:00 Intro
0:57 Tronxy D01
2:11 Hemera Unboxing
5:21 Modding the D01
8:53 Early Hemera Issues
9:32 Wiring and Part Cooling
10:55 Example Prints
17:27 Alternatives
18:53 Conclusion

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