January 28, 2018

How to turn your hobby cnc to laser engraving and cutting machine at minimal cost and effort?

Would you like to use your home hobby cnc machine for laser engraving, but has not found any suitable accessory yet or that you have found has not fulfilled your hopes? Endurance has developed a diode laser emitter that can be a solution for you! Special surprise at the end of the article!
As a result of today’s increasingly popular DIY trend, cnc machines, engraving machines and 3D printers designed for home use are becoming increasingly popular. Contrary to the machines used in industrial environments, these machines are especially suited to those who want to be creative at minimal cost. In addition, it is also a possibility for users who want to create the first prototype of their ideas, in the highest possible quality, but with a low investment.
However, the capabilities of CNC machines for home use may soon become scarce but if you want to expand the range of feasible jobs, that could cost you an arm and a leg. Endurance provides a solution to this problem and has created a new laser engraving and cutting cnc device on a power scale ranging from 2.1 Watt to 8 Watts. With this tool, the limits of a simple 2.5D-3D machine can be extended with just minimal investment.
The Endurance startup has developed an up to 8 Watt laser engraving and laser cutting head that can be easily attached to almost any existing hobby cnc machine or even a 3D printer. This 8 Watt is actually delivered by the head, unlike many other low-end laser cutting and engraving heads. The Endurance small diode solid-state lasers can be easily connected and installed on almost any 3D printer or hobby CNC machine. The diode laser is so powerful that you would need 80W СО2 laser for the same performance, plus the diode life-time is up to 10000 hours!

The manufacturer says that the head can deal with many materials, such as plywood, wood, acrylic, cardboard, hardboard, felt, leather plastic (ABS, PLA), stone, glass, aluminum, ceramics and many other.
The installation of the device is very simple, does not require any special expertise. You just have to connect the device to the machine and you can start work with it. If there is still a problem with the installation process, there are plenty of tutorials, guides and videos available on the Endurance website, but they are also happy to help users through their support channels.
Check out how effectively can the 8 Watt laser cut 8mm acrylic:

In the case of laser engraving heads, it always comes up how it can withstand continuous use, and lets say that the name selection is not just a coincidence. George Formitchev, CEO of the company, reassured us that the laser engraving and cutting head is tested for more than 48 hours of continuous use, so there is nothing to limit your creativity.
And finally, the surprise:

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More information:

The official Endurance Laser page.

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