May 27, 2019

How to start CNC Machining for under $200 - Working with the T8 CNC engraver

Watch Part 2:
NOTE 2: AutoDesk killed ArtCAM on Feb 7 2018. As a replacement I recommend GcodeTools which is an extension for Inkscape.
Watch part 2 of this Video Series to learn how to use that software: VIDEO DESCRIPTION: Assembling a mini CNC machine, and using it to engrave some wood.
The whole process is shown in detail from building the machine to running the software. If you were ever curious about CNC machining, this is a great place to start. LINKS: MyFordBoy's Similar Machine: NOTE: Don't ever buy anything from Gearbest which isn't on sale. They like to play games with pricing.
Here is the purchase link which they gave to me, if you wait for a sale you will be able to get it for $169-$179 instead of whatever high price this link is:
Don't buy it for more than $180, there are better CNC machines on Ebay.
This one looks amazing:
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Time Codes (TOC): 07:40
Wiring the Machine 13:35
Corrected frame assembly 17:01
Grbl Machine Firmware and Controller 27:48
Setting up a file with Inkscape and ArtCAM 35:06
Cutting Wood - IT WORKS!!!

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