May 23, 2019

How to Face & Engrave 304 Stainless Steel | WW251

Machining 304 stainless steel is tricky! Although we've made past videos with good speeds, feeds, and strategies for drilling and adaptive machining, stainless came back to bite me a few months ago. Of all things, it was decking that threw me for a loop. After blowing a bunch of endmills and my lid, the job was done but I wanted to figure out a reliable recipe.

Speeds & feeds, workholding, and tooling are major components of building a recipe but there was another factor that was make or break and it's SO SIMPLE that you're going to think, "OF COURSE!"

There are 1000 ways to skin a cat but I'm happy with the results and if you struggle with 304 stainless, hopefully this can help!

Links for this video:
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