June 11, 2020

How Technology Is The Tool To Maximise Side Hustles

Technology advances at an alarming rate, so much so, that you can find that technology and software itself can be your ultimate side hustle sidekick. For those unsure what I mean by side hustle, this is where you can make an extra income on top of your monthly wages. Side hustles can become quite lucrative, and you can find that the money you make can help to improve your lifestyle or pay for some of the finer luxuries in life. Do you want to know what kind of tech and how it can be useful when it comes to side hustles? Here are some of the things to think about.

Image source - Pixabay - CC0 License


Online surveys and website testing

One of the first ways tech has helped when it comes to side hustles is the increase in opportunities for things like online surveys and website testing. There are more and more websites and platforms offering this sort of service. It not only helps companies and even students and educations outlets gain information and critique, but it can also be a great little earner. People can easily do this sort of thing thanks to a tablet or laptop, but if you find yourself struggling with your laptop then make sure you look online for trusted laptop repairs. You could quite easily complete some of the tasks while relaxing in the evening. What more could you want?


Software to help with long term investments

There are even extra software systems and platforms that can now help with long term investments for your finances. Stocks and shares platforms can now make these sorts of scarier more risky long term investments possible for even the timid amongst us. There is also plenty of articles online to help you do some research ahead of investment. But this would certainly help you to make your money work harder.


The introduction of more and more selling platforms

We all know that the more we buy the more we accumulate in our homes, and more people are embracing a more minimal lifestyle. But this leaves you with an abundance of items that could make you some money. The thing is, technology has advanced so much that now with a quick snap of a picture and click of a button you can offer your items for sale on various selling platforms. Furthermore, people are doing this as an extra side hustle and are actually sourcing stock to sell online for a profit from charity shops and car boot sales. Do you think you have an eye for a bargain that you could turn into profit? There are certainly the platforms to help you do it.


Cameras and smartphones for blogging or vlogging

Finally, technology has advanced incredibly when it comes to physical tech like your phone and camera equipment. More people are delving into the world of Youtube for vlogging and blogging in general as they monetise their website. The tech is now there to ensure that you can create stunning imagery and shots, even if you are not a professional.


Let’s hope that this has inspired you to consider some of the things you could do with tech to increase your options with side hustles.


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