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High Tech Innovation Relies upon Radical Manufacturing Transformation

With constantly increasing product and production complexity, the High Tech industry continues to see increasing challenges to achieving cost-effective, efficient manufacturing operations. Adaptation means carefully considering costs of new technologies to preserve shrinking margins. This while still meeting the customer needs at expected customer service levels and corporate goals.

What is a digital transformation process?

At the plant level, a digital transformation approach plays an important role and is critical to meeting these challenges. Of course, there are many additional areas of transformation for manufacturers to consider. There is the digital continuity between upstream operations in design and engineering. The factory shop floor, however, is where many tactical challenges often derail operational execution and cause significant disruption. How many of the following questions have you been asking yourself recently?

  • What number of units were built right the first time?
  • How can I know all the constraints limiting production?
  • Do any machines requires additional maintenance? What is causing all the stoppages?
  • Do I have the right material at the right place and time on the production line?

If so, then you’re probably behind the curve of your competition who are embracing digital transformation and adopting emerging technology to realize the factory of the future.

Manufacturers take new approach 

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solutions provide a critical set of capabilities that can help manufacturing companies achieve new levels of visibility, control and standardization in complex production environments where precise efficiency, quality and cost control are needed.

Compared to traditional Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), DELMIA’s MOM solution offers a broader scope of operational governance. In addition to managing complex production, DELMIA allows companies to better manage operations in quality, warehouse, maintenance and workforce time/labor. By expanding the scope of management, companies gain more holistic control of their entire manufacturing lifecycle and address all of the related challenges that impede success.

Diminishing industrial skillsets

Another critical consideration for High Tech manufacturers is the retiring workforce. Key skillsets are leaving the shop floor and often leaving productivity and knowledge gaps in their absence. DELMIA provides capabilities to combat this by allowing the capture of best practices and the ability to standardize and deploy their use throughout global operational sites.

To learn more about the DELMIA solution for MOM in High Tech, please read our eBook “Achieving transformational growth in high-tech manufacturing.” It also includes a case study on the benefits received by Panasonic as they centralized and standardized their manufacturing operations using DELMIA Apriso.

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