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Hi, I’m Éncy, your SprutCAM X AI assistant

SprutCAM Tech just released an update of SprutCAM X, which integrates ChatGPT technologies based on the OpenAI API to provide an AI virtual assistant and help engineers with CNC machining tasks.

SprutCAM’s new AI assistant can answer questions about the software, robots, CNC machining, or almost any related topic. Image courtesy of SprutCAM.

The AI wizard is called Éncy (pronounced [ˈɛnsɪ]) and greets the user with the following message: “Hi, I’m Éncy, your SprutCAM X AI assistant. Ask away, and I’ll be happy to help!”

The AI assistant is powered by the OpenAI API, which uses deep learning models to understand and generate natural language. Engineers can communicate with the AI assistant using text commands in multiple languages, and the AI assistant responds accordingly.

Éncy can perform the following tasks:

  • Explain the G-code generated as a result of post-processing. Users can ask the AI assistant to clarify any line of code or command, and it will give a detailed explanation of what it does and why it is necessary.
  • Generate a G-code using a text description of the operations. Users can simply type what they want to do, such as “drill a 10 mm diameter hole at point (100, 25)” and the AI wizard will generate the corresponding G-code.
  • Write code in Python to create .dxf or .stl files. Users can use the AI assistant to create 2D or 3D models of parts using Python code. The AI assistant guides users through the process and shows results in real time.
  • Provide reference information for the industrial robot or CNC-machine when creating kinematic schemes in MachineMaker, a zero code application for building digital twins from SprutCAM Tech. Users can ask the AI assistant for any information about the robot or CNC-machine they are using, such as its dimensions, specifications, capabilities, limitations, etc.
  • Answer any question from a SprutCAM X user, even not related to the operation of the software. Users can chat with the AI assistant about anything, such as CNC tips and tricks, industry news, best practices, etc. The AI assistant will try to answer questions as best it can, or direct users to relevant resources if it doesn’t know the answer.

To create the above requests, CNC engineers can use various macros that are automatically adapted to the context of the task being performed.

A screenshot of SprutCAM's software and the Ency AI assistance chat box.
SprutCAM’s AI assistant can generate and explain G-code. Users can ask to clarify lines of code or commands for more detailed explanations. Image courtesy of SprutCAM.

“We are committed to creating software that enables our customers to seamlessly transition from CAD to finished parts with the fastest turnaround time in the industry. SprutCAM X with ChatGPT technologies will save you time, improve your productivity and enhance your creativity,” said Andrei Kharatsidi, co-founder of SprutCAM Tech.

The new update of SprutCAM X with AI assistant is available for download from the official website. SprutCAM X offers a 30-day trial license with no functional limits to test all the features and benefits of the software.


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