May 31, 2019

HAAS UMC-750: Machining the TACrafted Lathe Toolpost Riser!

Positional & Simultaneous 5-axis machining on the UMC-750 for the first time! A few months ago, I went to Germany and met up with Theo Assfalg from TACrafted for a one-of-a-kind shop tour, which was nothing short of awesome. While there, he talked about his Robin Renzetti-inspired lathe toolpost riser design that he hoped to one day machine. Not only was this a great way to help him out, it was the perfect project to get acquainted with the UMC-750 and CAMplete Truepath Software. Let's talk about workholding, processes, setups, and toolpaths in Fusion 360, the STAR GLOBE, and the ONE mistake we made! Although it isn't perfect, this is still a proud moment for a guy who started out knowing zilch!

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TACrafted Home Shop Tour |
Robin Renzetti - The Solid Toolpost
133 - Repeat Rigid Tap |
CAMplete Truepath |

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