November 21, 2018

Grooving insert range extension meets demand for machining small seal fin features in HRSA materials

Sandvik Coromant is unveiling an extension to its popular CoroCut® 1-2 carbide and CBN-tipped grooving inserts designed specifically for seal fin machining in HRSA materials. Originally available in 2 mm (0.0.79 inch) widths, the company has responded to market demand by adding a 1.5 mm (0.059 inch) insert that meets the challenges of producing small seal fins on aerospace engine disks and engine casings, giving customers the extra clearances required for robust machining.


Seal fins, which feature pockets and grooves with small radii, work as a gas seal between the rotating and stationary parts of a turbine. Each fin is machined in advanced HRSA materials, developed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure differences.

CoroCut 1-2 grooving tools are robust, high-precision solutions that deliver consistent chip control and process security; critical aspects when producing these key features. The new 1.5 mm (0.059 inch) CoroCut 1-2 insert width for machining smaller seal fin features is offered with -RO geometry in three grades, GC1105, GC1125 and S05F. The proven geometry and grades provide good chip formation and secure, reliable machining with excellent surface finish, while a patented CoroCut rail interface ensures mounting security.

Each periphery-ground carbide insert provides high levels of edge sharpness and the ability to hold tight tolerances,” says Jenny Claus, Product Manager Parting and Grooving at Sandvik Coromant. “As a result, they allow the generation of even smaller radii profiles with the correct profile width.

Importantly, profiling with a non-linear tool path (instead of plunging) using CoroCut 1-2 inserts will result in optimized chip control, even cutting wear and less component stress, which is critical for aerospace engine parts. Non-linear tool path profiling uses the whole front edge line of the insert and continuously changes the contact point between insert and material. The benefits are far reaching, and include improved productivity, process security and tool life, as well as a reduced number of passes. All of the newly introduced CoroCut 1-2 inserts are available as standard stocked items.

Also new are updated CoroTurn® SL70 cutting heads to suit both insert widths and complement the existing modular assortment. Designed to fit typical profiling and pocketing features in jet engines, gas turbine discs, rotors and shafts, configurable assemblies can be achieved with CoroTurn SL70 cutting heads and Coromant Capto® adaptors. Precision coolant is a standard feature.

Although optimized for HRSA materials, CoroCut 1-2 grooving tools can also be applied successfully to stainless steel and steel workpieces.

Source:Sandvik Coromant

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