January 4, 2019

GrindTec 2020-18-21March-Exhibition CentreAugsburg

A run on the GrindTec 2020: Approximately 200 registrations after only a few weeks / internationalisation: GrindTec for the first time with its own exhibition booth at the Grinding Technology in Tokyo

Augsburg – It is certainly due to the great success of the last GrindTec that the project management already has approximately 200 registrations, although the documents were only sent out in October. But with the GrindTec, companies no longer wonder whether they should take part, but whether they should enlarge their exhibition area.

The new hall 2, which with more than 8,000m² is now the largest hall of the Augsburg exhibition centre, has prominent entry for exactly this reason. United Grinding, a regular exhibitor in hall 7, is moving to the new hall. The desired expansion of the area to about 900 m² would not have been realisable at the old location. For the same reason the Haas company is also moving from hall 7 to the new exhibition hall, where sufficient space is available for the new exhibition booth.

GrindTec for the first time at the international trade fair in Japan

Premiere for the GrindTec: It will be presenting itself for the first time at a different trade fair, the Grinding Technology in Japan. Here from 18 – 20 March 2019 in the lecture forum and at their own exhibitor booth,s the organizers AFAG and the specialist sponsor FDPW will present the internationally leading trade fair for grinding technology to interested companies. Further proof of the constantly growing interest in the GrindTec from abroad.

In 2018 the precentage of international guests had already risen from 29% to 38%; 65 countries were represented in Augsburg. And the visitor assessment of the GrindTec was just as outstanding as two years previously: 72% assessed their visit to the trade fair as “very good” or “good” and a further 24 % as “satisfactory”.

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