November 18, 2017

GRBL Panel

A machine-like panel to control Grbl
Yes, another one. I needed more definite control over my CNC router. And I wanted it adaptable, configurable and understandable. This panel treats the CNC machine as a generic device. The jog buttons are arranged in a way that reflects a fixed spindle milling machine. Many items are configurable and those changes persist when you close the Panel. The code is VB.Net, created using Visual Studio 2013 Express targeting .Net 3.5

Grbl needs a separate application, something to feed it gcode from a file, provide a means of jogging to set up workpieces on the table, change tools etc. The Panel controls the setup, loading of a file, jogging, setting offsets for job to be run, the interface between human and machine. These are all functions that interface via serial interface to Grbl. Many machines have a physical panel that has buttons and displays for these functions. For Grbl, we use a soft panel. Other implementations are Universal Code Sender, Grbl-Homing and Grbl Controller. The approach taken instead for this implementation has more in common with Fanuc, Haas and Mach3 and LinuxCNC.
Download GBRL Panel
Suitable for use with GRBL versions: 0.9, 1.0+
Using GRBL Panel

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