April 11, 2019

FW-250 Fixed Wing VTOL Plane With 2 Hours Endurance

YANGDA FW-250 is a reliable and affordable VTOL fixed-wing plane designed for long-range inspection, survey, aerial photography, agriculture, search and rescue and public safety applications. As a fixed-wing UAV with VTOL and hover capabilities, the FW-250 features a modular airframe that can be set up in less than 10 minutes, does not require runway or catapult to get airborne. Once in the air, the aircraft transitions to horizontal flight as a push-prop fixed-wing.
Tool-free assembly
Due to its modular airframe design, FW-250 can be set up in less than 10 minutes by a single man.
Long flight time
FW-250 airframe is using light-weight and high strength composite material, which will enable the fixed-wing plane to fly up to 2 hours with 2KG payload, at an average cruising speed of 75KM/H.
Multiple camera options
These cameras are compatible with FW-250 VTOL aircraft: Sky Eye-U30 30X zoom cameraEagle Eye-30IE-U 2-axis 30X EO/IR camera.


Wingspan: 2.5m
Fuselage: Composites
Frame Weight: 2.68kg
Total Weight: 5.5kg(without battery)
Max Take-off Weight: 12kg
Max Payload: 2kg
Flight Time: 2 hours with 2KG payload
Max Speed: 100km/h
Stall Speed: 15m/s-16m/s
Altitude: 3000m
RTF Combo
1 x YANGDA FW-250 VTOL fixed-wing airframe
4 x T-motor MN505 KV260
4 x T-motor FLAME 60A ESC
2 x T-motor 1654 CF Propeller CW&CCW
1 x T-motor 4120 KV250
1 x T-motor 12S 60A ESC
1 x 15x8 Wooden Propeller CW
4 x DS135MG Servo
1 x Px4 Air Speedometer
1 x Power Monitor Module
1 x Pixhawk 2.1 Standard Set with Here 2 GNSS
1 x YR16S Radio Controller
1 x Assembly and Flight Test Service

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