October 25, 2019

Fusion Academy Refresher - Beyond the Chips

Did you miss Fusion Academy, or want to revisit a class that you attended? We have FANTASTIC news for you -- all of the sessions can be found here:

In this example session (NOW FEATURING SOUND!), Kevin Ellingson, will look at all areas of the manufacturing workspace. From leveraging best in class CAD features like direct part modeling, derive, joints and parameters, to best in class CAM tools that help you get your job done as quickly as possible. We’ll look at the tools available in Fusion that the competition can’t match such as:
-The ability to defeature and prep a model for tool pathing.
-Creating a parametric intelligent vise complete with stock that can be quickly manipulated using Fusion 360 CAD parameters that can be downloaded from any vendors website.
-Using Joints and Joint origins to quickly build and simulate how your machine is configured with things like machine table, vises, tool setters, etc.
-Working with data from any CAD system and keeping that data parametric even if it isn’t a native Fusion 360 File.

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