July 30, 2019

Fusion 360: AWESOME New Features!

Fusion 360 released new features in June 2019 that we're excited to talk about! Features including CAM Section Analysis, Simulation Comparison, Drilling Operation Order Control, and Hole Recognition to name a few are EXTREMELY useful. Join us and discover how these features can help you step up your game!

Links for this video:

Machining Parts for the Apollo 11 Anniversary: Project Egress!

CAM Templates | http://bit.ly/2KLa8Z8

SMW Fixture Plates | http://bit.ly/2GNBqh6

Fusion 360 Online CAD Course | http://bit.ly/2HcJCJc

Hands On Training Courses | http://bit.ly/2Q7BKva

CNC & Fusion 360 Info:

Get Fusion 360: https://autode.sk/2SKfKKX

Fusion 360 Online Training Course: http://bit.ly/learnfusion

Business Resources & Private Forum: http://www.nyccnc.com

About NYC CNC / Saunders Machine Works:

NYC CNC on Facebook: http://bit.ly/nycFB

Saunders Machine Works Instagram: http://bit.ly/SMWinsta

I discovered machining as a young adult and am grateful to have found something I love and am able to share with others.
We hope NYC CNC not only makes you a better machinist but helps you understand and learn more about how to succeed as a manufacturing entrepreneur!



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