February 15, 2018

Freely programmable magnetic switches for gripping systems in potentially explosive atmospheres

SCHUNK is now offering a freely programmable and universally applicable magnetic switch with ATEX certification for device group II, category 2 for monitoring gripping systems in potentially explosive areas. The MMS 22-PI1-EX has a freely programmable switching point and detects a magnet inside of the actuator. It can be placed directly in the C-slot of the gripping or rotary modules with no interfering contours. Instead of time-consuming mechanical adjustment of the switching point, the magnetic sensor can be programmed in just a few steps. The required magnetic teaching tool is included in the scope of delivery. An optional plug-in teaching tool is also available. The corresponding switching condition is indicated on an LED display. Thanks to the standard plug connector, the sensor can be easily connected with standardized connection cables.

The ATEX gripping system components from SCHUNK are finished with a special surface coating and are compliant with ATEX product guideline 2014/34/EU. They can be conveniently monitored with the help of the MMS 22-PI1-EX universally applicable magnetic switches.

Adjustable hysteresis makes reliable monitoring possible with even the smallest strokes

Adjustable hysteresis of the sensor makes reliable position monitoring possible even with very small strokes. This makes improved analysis and control of the entire gripping process possible. In addition, the gripper can be used to differentiate between workpieces of different sizes. The SCHUNK MMS 22-PI1-EX is suitable for ATEX-compliant PGN-plus 2-finger parallel grippers, PZN-plus 3-finger centric grippers, and SRU-plus universal swivel units. It can also be used on the sealed DPG-plus 2-finger parallel grippers and the sealed DPZ-plus 3-finger centric grippers. The components are suitable for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres (device group II, category 2), the sealed grippers are also suitable for use in potentially explosive dust atmospheres (device group II, category 2).

The universally applicable MMS 22-PI1-EX magnetic switches can be individually programmed.

Standardized ATEX gripping system range

The ATEX-compliant premium grippers and swivel units from SCHUNK comply with ATEX product guideline 2014/34/EU. Users, system integrators, and system manufacturers save on costly expansion technology with these powerful and reliable modules and simplify the process of ATEX certification for their systems. The ATEX components from the competence leader for gripping systems and clamping technology can be used wherever there is an increased risk of explosion due to gas or dust. These include, for example, the machining of solid materials, for painting systems, surface technology processes, foundries, mining companies, and even mills or bakeries where sacks of flour are handled. The ATEX modules finished with a special surface coating are just as powerful as their original components. This allows you to greatly expand the potential for automation in explosive environments.


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