November 18, 2017

FL3D CNC Router

The design for this machine was born out of frustration of using smaller machines and have limited cutting area for the jobs at hand. It was inspired by various other machines in it's class. Larger cutting area was the main objective for completing this project, but more precision was a close second. This machine was designed and manufactured in house using limited tools and equipment. All the red plastic parts were designed using 3DCAD  software and a 3D printer, also in house project.

The machine size is 1500 mm in length (Y axis) by 1000 mm in width (X axis) with 100 mm (Z axis)  moving the cutting tool up and down.
The actual cutting area is therefore, 1250 mm in length by 720 mm in width. The depth of the cut is depicted by stock thickness and cutter length and size.
HI-WIN 15 mm High precision linear rails and carriages were used for the linear motion of this machine. They provide an accurate and precise movement with no play and can handle greater loads when subject to cutting denser materials.
HI-WIN 1605 ball-screws and ball nuts were used to drive the each axis and are powered by 4A NEMA 23 stepper motors. These ball-screws are 16 mm diameter accurately machined rods made from hardened-steel.
This is a 3 axis CNC machine capable of producing a range of different parts and products with very high precision and accuracy. Cutting 2D Profiles from many different materials and also 3D machining parts with complex geometry. 3D machining usually requires a roughing pass to remove the bulk of the material and then a finishing pass to remove the remainder. Once the part has been machined the finished surface is exceptional and requires very little extra work.

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