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Everything you need to know about the new Prusa MK4!

Get the Prusa MK4 http://go.toms3d.org/MK4

0:00 Intro
1:03 Load cell autoleveling
2:05 Live adjust Z?
2:28 Nextruder toolhead
3:14 Cold-swapping nozzles
3:26 Nozzle options
4:06 Why not Revo?
4:52 Stock hotend performance & modding options
6:25 Third-party nozzles (patents?)
6:37 Input shaping
7:41 Input shaping challenges on i3-style printer?
8:04 Printer performance goals
8:57 New motors (VFAs)
10:05 Additional wear from higher speeds?
11:33 New touchless user interface
12:34 New bed, compatibility to MK3
13:22 New extruder & suitability for flexibles
14:45 Filament sensor
15:40 Potential future use of the load cell
16:31 Additional sensor on toolhead
17:39 Toolhead daughter board
18:35 New mainboard
19:44 Networking features
21:11 Offline printing options
22:44 Still using TMC2130, more VFA fix details
23:56 Issue 602
24:37 MK3 upgrade options
26:20 End of life for previous machines
27:41 Multi-use firmware
28:09 SMT line tour
28:56 Pricing and product goals
30:38 Why still use printed parts?
32:23 MMU3

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