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July 26, 2018

EMAG at the AMB: Highly Productive Solutions for Networked Automotive Manufacturing

How can demanding automotive components be manufactured even more efficiently, and what role does the digitalization of production play? The EMAG Group will be answering these questions, and more September 18 – 22 at this year’s AMB exhibition in Stuttgart.

View inside the machining area: The two pick-up working spindles double the output quantities.

The machinery manufacturers will be showing several high-performance solutions in action—including the twin-spindle pick-up turning center VL 1 TWIN for the production of gears, cams, sleeves and much more. It has two main spindles allowing it to simultaneously machine two components. This results in a substantial increase in output quantities and lower unit costs. EMAG will also be focusing on the progressive digitalization of production technology. The specialists will introduce enhanced software solutions that allow for targeted monitoring and analysis of production. Visitors will be able to test these web applications in a dedicated area. The same applies to a new service app: It works with all EMAG machines and makes it easier to contact the EMAG Service department in the event of technical problems or for spare parts inquiries.

With its many qualities, the VL 1 TWIN for components of up to 75 millimeters in diameter effectively sets the tone for the appearance at the trade fair. As is generally the case at EMAG, this machine also focuses on dynamics, precision and process reliability . On the VL 1 TWIN, this is achieved by two pick-up working spindles (9.9 kW/136 Nm at 40% duty cycle) that are able to pick up two identical workpieces from the conveyor belt, transport them into the machining area and machine them simultaneously – doubling output quantities.. An important factor is that the diameter and length (X/Z directions) of the two components can be corrected independently of each other, since the movement of the headstocks is entirely autonomous. The linear motor in the X-axis combined with the direct distance measuring system (linear scale) deliver greater dynamics, repeatability and long-term accuracy in the simultaneous sequence. The solid machine base is made out of Mineralit® polymer concrete and contains size 45 recirculating roller guide rails for the required stability during the turning process. “In addition, with the help of EMAG’s TrackMotion automation system, we’re able to link several VL 1 TWIN machines or implement the machine in multi-technology production lines,” explains Björn Svatek, the Sales & Marketing Director for Modular Solutions at EMAG. “This makes it possible to manufacture complete cam parts, planetary or sun gears, sleeves or roller bearing rings with high process reliability.”

On the Way to the “Smart Factory”

Another highlight at the show will be the presentation of various software tools for controlling, predicting and monitoring production. The “MultiMachineMonitor” application provides a quick overview of all the machines in production, whereas “MachineStatus” delivers key figures allowing you to draw conclusions about your productivity. “We introduced both applications at last year’s EMO. We used the very positive feedback from customers to develop the product further,” explains Rainer Seitz, Head of Software Development & IoT at EMAG. “We’ve simplified its operation. Even a large number of machines can be displayedclearly, and data from different machines can be compared in a diagram. We will demonstrate the updates at the AMB.

The “MultiMachineMonitor” application provides a quick overview of all the machines in your production. It can be used on any common devices.

Additional Benefits for Service Inquiries

Service is another key area for EMAG at this year’s AMB – as demonstrated by the introduction of the new EMAG ServicePlus app for smartphones and tablets. This facilitates communication between users and service employees – for example, in the event of technical issues. If a technical issue occurs, the machine operators can simply open the app and scan a QR code on the machine. They then use the software to request a service callback or initiate a spare parts inquiry. “This provides two decisive advantages,” says Peter Strohm, Global Service Project Manager at EMAG. “It allowsour technicians to immediately identifywhich machine is concerned and its exact configuration. It also allows users to speak automatically to the appropriate contact. Both factors help speed up the service process.” In addition, EMAG can equip the app with video functionality upon request. This allows machine operators to record an issue live using their camera and show it to the service technician. The entire communication of the EMAG ServicePlus app is performed on an EMAG-owned server and meets high security standards. In summary, the EMAG Group will present the full spectrum of its technologies at Stand 4B51 in Hall 4. Visitors will see a series of production solutions that provide quality and efficiency in various areas of application. The corresponding processes stretch all the way from raw parts to final high-precision fine machining – it is the group’s immensely broad range of technologies that makes this possible. Info box for online:Simple Linking of Modular MachinesSpecialists explain how easy it is to integrate EMAG machines in production lines based on the example of “sprocket wheel production” in an animation available here: www.youtube.com/watch raw parts are first picked up individually and automatically fed into the line, turning processes are performed on two sides of the blank in a VL 3 DUO dual-spindle turning center. The toothing process is then performed with a VL 4 H – the pick-up hobbing machine ensures precise high-speed machining. The synchronized interplay of the pick-up automation in the machines with the EMAG TrackMotion automation system are crucial for the overall process. Unwanted idle times are reduced to a minimum. EMAG will also be showing both the VL3 DUO and the VL 4 H, at the AMB.


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