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January 30, 2018

EMAG at GrindTec 2018: High-precision results for small components

Cost pressure and increasing quality requirements are influencing the automotive sector more than ever before. And yet complex processes such as out-of-round grinding are coming to the fore. How can these sophisticated grinding processes be carried out even more efficiently? The EMAG Group will be providing tailor-made answers to this question from March 14 to 17 at GrindTec 2018 in Augsburg. One of the highlights of EMAG’s appearance at the trade fair (Hall 5, stand 5029) will be the vertical grinder VG 110, which is ideally suited to out-of-round grinding chuck parts.

Taking pump casings for auto power steering as an example: The non-circular forms of these components must be processed in high-volume production with a dimensional accuracy in the micrometer range. EMAG develops complete turnkey systems for these and similar tasks, which are perfectly adjusted to its customers’ respective requirements. The VG 110 on show at GrindTec 2018 is an excellent example of this, as the vertical grinder is an all-rounder when it comes to precision machining small chuck parts. As well as out-of-round machining inner and outer contours, the machine can also be used for cylindrical grinding, of course. And it’s also perfect for combination machining with an internal grinding spindle and turning tool. The basic principle is that EMAG’s vertical design ensures that chips fall freely downward – so any contamination of the clamping area is permanently avoided. The vertical design also means that the slide structure is very compact, and therefore that a high degree of rigidity is achieved. The machine’s outstanding characteristic is its excellent thermostability. To be able to achieve maximum accuracy when machining small workpieces, the X and Z-axes are mounted separately on the machine base. And machine cooling ensures that the work result is consistent.

The VG 110 is ideally suited to the use of CBN grinding technology, with both dressable ceramic and galvanized CBN grinding wheels an option. Rotating diamond dressing tools and the necessary AE sensors guarantee high-quality, consistent results for dressable grinding systems.

The machine is simple to load, thanks to its shuttle and lifting station. What’s more, its compact design with integrated electrical cabinet means that very little space is required for the VG 110. The machine’s excellent accessibility for servicing work is another feature particularly worth highlighting. A “door-in-door” concept was developed for this purpose. A small sliding door can be used for swift manual intervention in the machining area. This door is, in turn, integrated into a large front panel door. The large front panel door can then be opened with a handle in a matter of seconds when servicing is required. All the machine’s relevant components are thus directly accessible for the service.

In summary: The VG 110 is setting new standards when it comes to the large-scale internal out-of-round machining of small chuck parts. The spotlight will be on the vertical grinding machine’s spectacular performance and technical possibilities during EMAG’s appearance at GrindTec 2018.


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