February 16, 2020

Elegoo resin vs. Prusa resin vs. PETG vs. PLA

With resin 3D printers becoming more accessible than ever, one of the big unknowns is still how strong and usable the UV resin prints actually end up. But that’s exactly what we’re going to find out today by testing Elegoo ABS-like resin vs. Prusa Tough resin vs. DAS FILAMENT PLA vs DAS FILAMENT PETG!

Resins from Matterhackers http://go.toms3d.org/MatterResins
Printed on Prusa SL1 / CW1 / MK3 http://go.toms3d.org/SL1
Prusa Resin http://go.toms3d.org/PrusaResins

Filaween test series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJER9QYnAcw&list=PLDJMid0lOOYl8TZJV9xHznKFq5yA5ZTi2

🎥 All my video gear https://toms3d.org/my-gear
Music by Epidemic Sound http://share.epidemicsound.com/MadeWithLayers

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