March 19, 2020

Egg Shaker | In the Labs with Tim Sway | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

Check out my latest Vectric free project - the egg shaker instrument. In a previous free project I made some wooden shot glasses (link below) and wanted to take this idea further with something musical. I decided a fun and Easter themed project would be to make the egg shaker.

In the video I go through some improved ways of lining up the two parts and gluing the two sides of the egg together.

Whether you want to make this project as I have designed it or make a few tweaks to make it your own, we would love to see how your egg shaker turns out, so please share what you've made on our social channels by tagging @Vectric. You could even change the shape of the shaker!

Watch and download tutorial files:

Watch Making Wooden Shot Glasses... NO ROTARY:

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