March 31, 2020

DIY foot operated faucet for hands-free washing.

This is a low cost, simple method of converting a regular sink to hands-free operation through use of a foot operated switch. All parts are commonly available from most hardware stores or online.

Solenoid Valve Sources:
The one I used (Australia) -
A good alternative (US) -
Online (Cheap 1/2" version, adjust fittings to suit) -
Online (Beefier 3/4" version similar to the one I used) -

Parts used:
20mm / 3/4" Solenoid Valve
3/4" Elbow
3/4" Threaded Coupler
3/4" End Cap
3/4" to 1/2" Reducer
PTFE Thread Seal Tape
12VDC Adapter + Matching female DC Socket
Sanwa OSBF-24 Arcade Button -

3D Printed Foot Switch (adafruit) -

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