December 1, 2021

Dino Push Toy with Beki | Vectric's Christmas Toy Shop | Day 4 | Vectric FREE CNC Projects

The best thing about being a kid was playtime. I wanted to create a toy that would be interactive and perhaps encourage kids to talk
about the wonderful creature that was the Dinosaur all in one
playtime. So I created the Dino Push Toy, consisting of cut out
Dinosaurs on wheels!

The project itself consists of two-sided machining (to vcarve the
happy faces on each side of the Dinosaur), there is a moulding
toolpath that runs along the entire profile of the Dinosaur’s and
their wheels to ensure there are no sharp corners and the wheels
are glued to the doweling which is fed through the Dinosaur’s legs
acting as an axel to get the Dinosaur's speeding along!

I hope this project inspires you to share some
#kindnessthischristmas and gift these Dino Push Toys to a little
one near you!

Merry Christmas & Happy Making!


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