May 27, 2020

Cutie Boxes | Michael Tyler's FREE CNC Project of the Month | Vectric

The Cutie Boxes make a great gift item for young and older, alike! Easily made over a weekend, these small boxes feature simple cutting and assembly so you can finish them on short notice, if necessary! (Did you forget a birthday or something? Cutie Boxes to the rescue!)

The v-carved design on the lids can be performed as-is, or you can create your own custom v-carve design using your Vectric software!

I used the Vectric VCarve software to create the Cutie Boxes project. A few features used in this project included import Bitmap, Trace Bitmap, Curve Fit vectors, the Drawing and Node editing tools, Snapping features, Fixed Nudge, and the Interactive Trim (scissors tool).

Watch and download tutorial files:

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