May 11, 2020

Creativity Meets Technology

Creative industries such as graphic design, marketing, entertainment, and photography have always been enhanced with technology. The very basic artwork will use tools and techniques that without technology would not even exist. But what exactly does tech bring for the creative person? Whether personally or professionally? And what are creative people most grateful for when it comes to speeding up the process? Here are some ways in which technology and creativity work well together, and what it means to the creative industries.


Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash



The speed that we are now able to create artwork, and creative work, is significantly improved with technology. Programs such as photoshop, and lightroom can help photographers and designers create spectacular designs that would otherwise take days, within hours instead. We are also able to build and mold structures at a speed that has never been seen before, with software and machinery that can bring a creative vision to life within minutes. From the components needed for 3D printing such as thermoplastic molding to the latest screens needed to view graphics, we can now have mixed media and incredible structures that the human hands could not create by themselves. This isn’t a case of machines taking over, but it can enhance and improve the creative vision of many professionals around the world. Now our imaginations can create amazing work faster and cleaner than ever before. And with technology developing at the rate it does, it is an exciting thing to see happening. We can also share our creative work a lot faster and in a much more convenient way than any other time in history.



Creative people share their work to show clients exactly what they are buying from them, to inspire others, and to help teach children and adults of all ages, the way in which they can use their creative abilities. Technology not only allows this but actively encourages and seeks out the correct people to absorb this content. The rise of YouTube and other Internet Outlets means that anyone can find a tutorial and become inspired to start their own work. This is an amazing thing for the creative industry and brings the opportunity to people who may not have been able to access this information and level of tutorials. Without technology, far fewer people would be picking up a paintbrush, or a design package, and starting their creative journey.



Everybody wants to go that little bit further when it comes to creating something new and having the ability to be able to do that via technology and all of the wonderful tools it brings with it means that you can find that little bit more space, time, creative vision, and imagination from the freedom that technology brings. Creating a whole new journey for young creative minds in schools, and introducing them to a world of opportunity brings exciting changes for the next generation, and the creative industries as a whole. So the next time you pick up a pencil and pen, think about how technology can help, and already has up to that point.


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