Copy and rename a style with the same color?

Hi Franz, so to change the predefined colors that MoI uses at program startup or File > New, get the styles set up how you want and then save out to a .3dm file. Then set that file as the startup template under Options > General > Template file.

When a template file is set, MoI will read the styles from it to use as your default set when you launch MoI or do File > New.

For copying a color to a new style, you can use copy/paste to do that. In the “Edit styles” dialog right-click on the original style which is a shortcut for “Edit”, then click on the color swatch to bring up the color picker. Select the text in the “HTML:” field on the color picker since that is the easiest way to get all of r,g,b v color values in one field, then go edit the new style and paste that in to that same field over there.

– Michael

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