December 8, 2018 have launched a new video series called Shop Fix

Our friends at have launched a new video series called Shop Fix, where they show how their repair experts turn used, beaten up machine tools into fully operational ones.

Source: specializes in buying, fixing and selling all kinds of used CNC mills, lathes and machining centers. They also offer machine upgrades, so if you’re looking to get more out of your equipment, they got you covered.

A few years ago, they started a YouTube channel and have uploaded tons of videos since then. Most of these are showcasing their vast array of used machine tools for sale, but occasionally they upload useful tutorials on how to clean your CNC machine for example.

Recently, they launched a new series, Shop Fix, to let their customers take a peek into how they fix machine tools before selling them. This also helps machinists and engineers to better understand the inner workings of these machines.

In the first episode below, their tech lead, David Wilkes, is fixing a Haas SL30 in which he changed a few parts beforehand.

The video shows the proccess of powering up the SL30: David hooks up the power supply and checks the main circuit board for possible errors. He then turns on the machine and gets air to it to build up pressure for hydraulics. He finds out that the gauges are not hooked up to the hydraulic system, so he quickly solves the problem and carries on with the fixing, which we might see in the next episode.

If you’re interested in the upcoming episodes, subsrcibe to their YouTube channel by clicking on THIS LINK!

More information:

On the website.

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