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CNC Unleashed: BEAST CNC Router Bit, Phantom Router & All-Star Vacuum Mat

At 7pm EST tonight, get ready to witness the mind-blowing performance of the new “BEAST” CNC router bit from IDC Woodcraft, in conjunction with the Phantom CNC Router and the revolutionary All Star CNC vacuum mats for my CNC router!

In this live demo, you are going to see the surprising capabilities of this trio.
You’ll watch The “BEAST” glide through hard maple at 1000 inches per minute at a 1” depth of cut.

That was NOT a typo…I said ONE THOUSAND inches per minute at ONE INCH DEPTH…in one pass!

And the Phantom CNC Router was it was able to take on the forces applied to it as I expected.

Then there is the new All Star CNC vacuum mats I tested. They really magnified the holding power of my vacuum table during the entire cutting process.

Say goodbye to slipping and sliding CNC woodworking projects.
This live demo promises to give you a new respect for what our CNC routers can do!

CNC Insiders → https://idcwoodcraft.com/cnc-lp2-free-files/

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