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CNC Router Tips, Oramask, Post Processors, Surfacing and more

In this CNC router woodworking video, you will learn how to work with Oramask. We will talk about post-processors and surfacing CNC projects.

Oramask is a versatile masking film widely used in CNC router projects for its exceptional utility and convenience. This self-adhesive stencil material provides an efficient way to create precise, intricate designs on various surfaces. By applying Oramask to the material to be cut, it acts as a protective layer, allowing the router to precisely carve out desired patterns while preventing unwanted cuts or damage to the surrounding areas. Its transparency facilitates accurate alignment and placement of the design, ensuring a seamless and professional outcome. Oramask’s durability and ease of use make it an invaluable tool for CNC router enthusiasts, enabling them to achieve intricate designs with utmost precision and efficiency.

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