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CNC Router – I’m Pissed!…


There are a lot of CNC router bit companies out there. And most of the products they make are just as good as any other.

However, when it comes to business, there is something we all want. That is to be cared about. We want to be helped when we’re stuck. We want to be understood. We want someone to explain what went we are doing wrong when something doesn’t work on our CNC project design.

When we get a CNC router for our home shop, there is a desire to create something important and meaningful. The whole process is important to us at a much deeper level than just making something.

Whatever gets us in the CNC router woodworking world, we are doing it for many reasons. Perhaps because we retired and just need something to do. Or maybe because we want something that we can call ours, where we can create a design and carve it out and be able to say "Wow, look what I did". Yes, it is the feeling we want.

and there is nothing more aggravating when a company does not understand this. That is why I get frustrated when the big companies are mentioned, yet they take no part in our journey, nor make an effort to do so.

thanks for listening to my rant.

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