November 16, 2018

Clamping force blocks for robot-assisted pallet loading

High clamping force, compact design, low weight – SCHUNK TANDEM plus 140 clamping force blocks are particularly designed for the robot-assisted pallet loading of machine tools. The modules ensure process-reliable workpiece clamping in confined spaces and open up a lot of space for handling the workpiece weight.

The compact SCHUNK TANDEM plus 140 clamping force blocks were particularly designed for automated machine loading by robots.

With their compact square base area of 140 mm x 140 mm they are particularly suitable for 6-sided machining in two set-ups on all common machine tools. The optimized external contour, a special design of the base jaws and cover strip, minimum clearance and cover plugs for fastening screws prevent dirt from accumulating or chips and dust from penetrating into the modules. Any penetrating coolant is lead to the outside via a coolant drain hole. Here, a sinter filter prevents the chips from penetrating into the base body. Control and lubrication of every version are done laterally, as well as on the bottom side. An alignment edge facilitates positioning on the pallet or the machine table. The one-piece rigid base body, wedge-hook kinematics, and long, hardened jaw guidance provide concentrated clamping forces in confined spaces, and ensure an excellent repeat accuracy of 0.015 mm. The clamping force blocks are also suitable for milling with a high metal removal rate, high number of cycles, and minimum tolerance.

Complete modular system

The SCHUNK TANDEM plus 140 is optionally available with pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring actuation: A centric clamping force block with a stroke of 3 mm per jaw; a long-stroke centric clamping force block with 7 mm stroke per jaw; and a module with fixed chuck jaw with a 6 mm stroke for automated zero-point loading. Depending on the model, the clamping force amounts between 15,000 N and 30,000 N. The modular system thus covers the entire range of possible applications. As the long-stroke and the standard vises have the same connection dimensions, the different variants can be easily exchanged, as required. The TANDEM plus 140 seamlessly fits into the SCHUNK TANDEM plus clamping force block range with more than 50 standard versions. The portfolio covers sizes from 64 to 250 mm. All modules are suitable for top jaws with tongue and groove, as well as for chuck jaws with fine serration. A wide range of supporting jaws, top jaws and top jaw blanks for application-specific reworking ensures that the clamping blocks can be quickly and easily adapted to new clamping tasks.


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