September 18, 2018

CIMData Partners with Institute for Process Excellence

CIMdata, Inc., a PLM management consulting and research firm, and the Institute for Process Excellence (IpX) have recently partnered their services, which will allow them to offer end-to-end business and digital transformation training, services, and cross industry platforms, said Peter Bilello, CIMdata’s president.

The partnership will allow for new professional education programs, services, and industry platforms, he said. It will provide a full suite of educational and solution services. This will allow CIMdata and IpX industry clients to find solutions to issues that affect their businesses, said Joseph Anderson, IpX vice president.

To achieve successful transformation businesses must invest in world-class education, services, and industry platforms that reshape legacy business processes and systems, he added.

The backbone of the industrial future consists of a proper network of people, processes, data, and enabling systems cohesively communicating within an integrated enterprise. To evolve, enterprises require unbiased end-to-end assessment, tailored executive advisement, world-class workforce development, and comprehensive service platforms, Anderson said.

Under the partnership, CIMdata and IpX will launch several new industry initiatives. These joint programs will give organizations the tools and services they need to solve the challenges facing global enterprises, Bilello, said.

CIMdata says the consultancy is focused on the digital transformation produce lifecycle management (PLM) can bring to companies.

CIMdata and the Institute for Process Excellence have partnered to provide business and digital training, services, and cross-industry platforms.

IpX says it provides “the blueprint for business and digital harmonization.” It offers workforce development, including the Change Management II certificate program and a CM2 certificate courses. Change management includes activities such as, configuration management, data management, and requirements and release management, according to Anderson.

His company also offers business optimization strategies, and operational excellence training. It also works with organizations to validate their model-based vision and implement a model-based strategy. In addition, IpX also offers software, including digital process and document management software. It also also offers a change management equation to help leadership determine whether the return on investment warrants moving forward with the change prior to a commitment to implement the proposed changes.

Companies such as Bombardier, Airbus, Hewlett-Packard, and Boeing have used IpX services and training.

CIMdata provides PLM leadership programs as well as education, research, and advice on the topic.

The backbone of the industrial future consists of a network of people, processes, data, and systems communicating inside an organization. For this to happen at an organization, it needs to have unbiased end-to-end assessment, advise for executives, workforce development, and service platforms, Anderson said.

Bilello, offered further justification for the partnership.

“Despite advancements, many companies are still spending significant time and money on the pain points of digital transformation so that they can fully realize the potential value and its place within their enterprise architecture,” Bilello said.

“IpX has rich domain expertise in complex industry sectors, and when paired with the expertise of CIMdata, it will provide an effective option for companies looking to achieve high-value transformation,” Bilello added.


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