November 27, 2021

Christmas Gifts for 3D Printer Fanciers

Makers, tinkerers and 3D Printing enthusiasts are all a pain to buy gifts for, so take some inspiration from this 2021 list of gift ideas (or just buy them for yourself)! 😂

Purchase Links:
head(amame) 3D Printed Headphones -
Easy-Peelzy Magnetic Print Surface -
Bondtech CHT Nozzle -
BASF Ultrafuse (EU) -
BASF Ultrafuse (AU)
IP54 Digital Calipers -
WIHA Hex Driver Set -
T-Handle Hex Set -
Lindstrom Micro Side Cutters -
Eachine EAT06 Drift Tank -
Artillery Sidewinder X2 -
Artillery Sidewinder X2 (AU) -
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